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Suzanne Rae x Julia Basnage

Suzanne Rae is pleased to announce a new collaboration with NYC visual artist, Julia Epifania Basnage. Julia is a recent graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University who works primarily in relief and silkscreen printmaking techniques. Her work prioritizes the idea that no form or level of art, including fashion, should be divorced from an element of play.

Centering play is exactly the inspiration behind this collaboration, in which Julia plays with four of Suzanne’s signature styles. She hand-paints onto finished pieces images based on her own hands; whimsical but bold linework meets elegant and sophisticated designs. The result: pieces that engage with both the wearer and the garment, and invite new interpretations. In depicting hands, this collaboration features the tools that make all art — as Julia’s and Suzanne’s — come to life.

These pieces will be available on the featured styles — the jacket, vest, dress, and pants — as one-of-a-kind pieces that communicate the importance of interaction, individuality, and most importantly, playfulness in wear.

This artistic and made-to-order collaboration is a natural extension of Suzanne Rae’s approach to design. Suzanne dedicates herself and her work to designs that disrupt and rewrite expectations, and interrogate the quotidian process of dressing — particularly its social implications and influences. Her label is firmly rooted in social awareness and environmental responsibility first, from which she produces designs that are academically informed, refined yet playful, and highly relevant in function for all. As in all Suzanne’s work, attention and care for detail is present at every stage of these new designs, from sourcing sustainable, quality fabrics, to the placement of the last brushstrokes