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social awareness

        Zora Casebere, Photo by Christian DeFonte

At Suzanne Rae, social awareness and sustainability have been a part of our foundation. We always apply a careful consciousness while creating clothing for the gentlewoman.


Feminist Approach 

Often taking inspiration from feminist theory as well as women’s and gender studies, we consciously make clothes for the wearer’s own enhanced experience and not for the gaze of others. The aesthetic is one of quiet self-confidence.

While our primary business is that of making clothes, we also work on various art projects and community efforts that are aligned with feminist ideology.


Made in NYC

Most garments are produced in New York City’s Garment District. By supporting this District, we are helping to keep jobs in America while producing high quality garments. With local production we are able to uphold our code of conduct, including proper wages, working hours, and work environment. Producing locally also reduces energy consumption, by way of decreased transportation and resources, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint.

Additionally, without the Garment District, there wouldn’t be a next generation of American designers. The District supports small runs of production and the benefits of decreased lead times and more personal communication with the manufacturing process, all of which is imperative to a new designer surviving in a competitive marketplace.


Made in Italy

As a large portion of our fabric comes from Italy, we have started to develop and manufacture in Italy. By doing so, not only are we decreasing our carbon footprint, but we are also contributing to the preservation of the long history of Italian craftsmanship and tailoring. Highly skilled craftsmen and women, working with care and pride, have become an endangered species, and we hope to help preserve their skills that would otherwise be lost.

Additionally, we are working with several cutting edge fabric mills that are committed to sustainability as well as performance and new technology construction. As such, we continue to strive towards offering only top quality products.


Slow Fashion

The Suzanne Rae garment is a timeless piece that is produced with the utmost care and skill. We encourage women to invest in fewer pieces that are of quality, responsibly produced and versatile. We want the wearer to feel as though their Suzanne Rae original is a part of them and can be worn years into the future.

North America alone generates 2 million tons of textile waste each year, which is approximately 68 lbs of waste/household per year. 5% of all landfill production is textile waste. We support the slow fashion movement in reducing clothing waste and encourage people to go back to purchasing quality garments that will last a lifetime.


Sustainable Materials

We incorporate luxurious yet socially- and environmentally-friendly materials, including new innovative fibers such as European and American made recycled polyesters and nylons. By incorporating both natural and sustainably sourced fabrics, we can help reduce our environmental impact and improve the lives of textile workers around the world.


Social Outreach

Suzanne Rae is involved with several women's groups around New York City. We have worked with Girls Inc., a leading advocacy organization focused on providing mentorship, education and a voice for young women around the country; and, WIN a transformative homeless shelter for women and their children that provides a holistic solution of safe housing, critical services and ground-breaking programs to help women regain their independence and succeed on their own. We are continually looking for more opportunities to empower women to think for themselves and make thoughtful choices about their futures.

In 2014 Suzanne Rae partnered with the original Girls Inc. located in Waterbury, Connecticut to re-launch their sewing program. Through voluntary work on Saturdays throughout the school year, the program offers young girls the opportunity to learn a basic life skill, while combining the contemporary designs of today with the self- expression that design and sewing offers.

Suzanne Rae has also be involved with other environmentally conscious organizations, such as the Endangered Species Coalition, a community organization that works to protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places.


It is the culmination of all of these conscious efforts that comprises the modern progressive woman who inspires us to do what we do.